New Original Poem


The Girl I Love

The girl I love

Has feet like no princess,

And for me, no diamond

Possesses finer imperfections.

Battle scars biding my triage-

My deviant heart’s greatest joy.

Kneading into their parched skin

Her lush and favorite jasmine butter.

Caressing firmly in and drawing out

A warm glow and shimmer for the happy

End of another long day,

Burying them in socks of cloud cotton,

Keeping warm the glow,

Tender the sole.

Kneading them in my lap,

Laying by the fireplace.

The girl I love

Has eyes still determined, shut tight,

Still fighting, fast asleep in the firelight.

Until my patience tells me-

My kneading is not enough right now.

Slowly slipping off the socks,

Perfectly pinning down the diamonds,

I know she loves to hate loving how ticklish she is right now.

And I know how dearly our tired, fighting world needs

Her smile, her laugh, her shriek,

Her desperate pleas and vividly colorful threats,

And we both love knowing how bad I’m going to get it

If I let her go.


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