Next Chapter of Original Tickling Series


Samantha was a chauvinist’s worst nightmare.  She simply refused to acknowledge men as anything more than bigger, more arrogant boys, simple minded in their egotistical, strictly linear way of thinking, intellectually lost and desperately in need of feminine intuition and mystique.  She was extremely poised and level-headed, with a dry wit that had infuriated and humbled many men, but of all the tools with which she would conduct her emasculations, her favorite was tickling.


For Samantha, there was no more satisfying and beautiful truth in life than the ease with which she could reduce the most obnoxious machismo to a pitiful wining puppy.  Any man’s denial of her feminist discourse was a perfect opportunity for her to propose an alternative, more physical challenge-  to let her test the strength of his character, mentally and physically, via tickling.


It was too easy.  Hardly anyone refused.  And no one had yet to past the test- to let her tie up and tickle his naked body for twenty minutes- without begging to be untied or finished off.  She didn’t mention until after they were restrained that she would be filming the event.  She loved watching her victories and basking in the symbolism in their imagery.  Her slim soft figure straddling over their muscular bodies.  The most beautiful aspect of her dominance was in that contrast, and she delighted in accentuating it as much as possible.  The more masculine and rough his body, and the more soft and delicate hers, the more perfect the image.  She would tie him down, turn on her camera, and make him watch her slather her body with lotion.  She always wore a sports bra and boxer shorts, her work clothes she called them.  Then, she would mount her victim and know his body up and down within the first two minutes.  They would look up at her brilliant green eyes and straight, black hair falling neatly just above her shoulders and stiffen with sudden self-doubt.  


The armpits and feet were always easy targets-she knew-glaze a little lotion over them and tickle precisely and incessantly and they would betray and man’s proud resolve.  Her favorite was to drizzle a spiral of lotion down his chest, around his bellybutton and follow with her hands, one tickling clockwise and one counter, around his sides and closing in on the bull’s eye.  Then his pelvic bones and thighs, tickling steadily and perfectly.  


“Men don’t do well with suffering,” she’d say, shaking her head.  “I’m sure you had no idea how ticklish you really were until now.  Well, you can thank me after I’m done.”  She would hone in on his weakest spots and tickle every overconfident thought into another beg for mercy.  


She loved tickling a hard six pack, watching the months of work toning and shaping the muscles that quivered and tightened under her tickling nails.  She’d say slowly, casually, but yet so devilishly, as if reading a shopping list of his most vulnerable spots, “tickle… tickle…tickle……ribs…..feet….stomach…..chest….I think the stomach needs a little more…tickle, tickle, tickle, gee you big, strong man you sure are ticklish aren’t you?  Tell me again how men are the dominant species? No?  Does being pathetically ticklish make you feel strong and dominant?  I hope so.  I’m going to be tickling you for a long time…Yea the stomach definitely needs a little more…excuse me I should say tummy to be precise.  Big strong men have such ticklish tummies, and yours just happens to be really, really, really fucking ticklish doesn’t it!!!”  


Her soft hands would tickle their hard bodies into mindless spasms, and they always eventually broke down and begged her to stop, admitting everything she wanted to hear…foolish, foolish men.



First Chapter of New Original Series

At first conception, the rules of the game were simple-bring your opponent to climax by any means necessary.  The nature of the game ensured satisfaction for each contender, but victory was for the better giver and climax meant surrender and submission.  Anyone could be challenged.  Opponents would agree to a selected audience and the scope of its participation.


Anything was possible and everything was encouraged.  At times, it seemed there were few fetishes, positions, and combinations left to be explored, but inevitably, someone would find a new extreme to pervade.  


Neither its popularity nor its potential business could be overstated.  It wasn’t long before millions were spent on scientific research seeking the most wicked, unstoppable strategies.  The results were unexpected by most, but quickly and enthusiastically accepted.  


The physical sensation to which the brain’s response most closely resembled orgasm- was tickling.  Once the sensation reached the same level of intensity as an opponent’s usual climax, any sexual trigger became nearly impossible to resist, and opponents rarely did for more than a few minutes.


This discovery gave rise to a renaissance of sexual exploratory competition with restrained tickling trumping most forms of foreplay and becoming a staple skill for all opponents bringing each other to le petit morte.  It was a sport anyone at which all could excel if they were willing to give pleasure in order to triumph.  (It relieved stress, burned massive calories and was soon encouraged by most doctors.)


The growing popularity of the sport could not be denied and it soon found a late nightspot on every major network.  Players reputed to be extremely ticklish received massive endorsements.  Like many sports, the athletes who were most entertaining to watch win or lose became celebrities and drew massive crowds.  Faking orgasms was a common strategy, but players caught faking their ticklishness were banned for life.  Too much was at stake.  


A girl known on the scene to be wildly ticklish, who bucked and thrashed like a pony, shrieked, cried, and begged like a banshee, but could so suddenly reverse a hold or pin, and look down on her opponents with her seduction’s proud, wicked smile, after she’d brought them to their most utter collapsed surrenders, was a goddess, and she was worth millions.  


Though there were several named goddesses, no one denied the original- Tiffany Dawn Bolieu, and like all champions her mind and body were in perfect design with the game.  She was tall- 5’9, her long slender violin figure covered in deep golden brown skin- which she kept hyper sensitive to acute touchings and impervious to all else.  


Sensitizing the skin meant crippling vulnerability.


Tiffany made her reputation by being the first player to deliberately sensitize her skin before a match.


By the time she appeared on the scene, it had become expected for players to make their first priority pinning, restraining, and coating their opponent with  oil or lotion.  This strategy, in spite of the time it took, had proven extremely effective.  The favorites were peppermint or ginger mixtures which galvanized the skin’s nerve cells into frenzy.


The sport found it’s first form of perfection and first uniform with the invention of small magnetic bracelets and anklets- which if held against the polarized mat for ten seconds would lock, and hold fast for another hundred seconds, and then release.  Players soon realized the importance of training in wrestling and jujitsu.  Being able to pin a single arm or leg was sometimes enough, but a perfect match was considered pinning all an opponent’s limbs and bringing them to climax before the first cuff was released.  The best players had all pinned and coated their opponents with a full minute left to take advantage of the completely immobilized, ultimately vulnerable body.  It often meant checkmate, and it was amazing every time to watch the players become more paralyzed by the rapture they were enduring than the physical restraints upon them.  Many preferred to drain the clock and toy with their captives, holding an arm or leg down one at a time, ensuring the pin would hold, and slowly, deliberately, tracing their oils first, and nails second- up and down every inch of their victim.  


Screams always grew louder once the skin was conditioned.  It was a psychologically crushing strategy and only the best of the best were able to stand the torture long enough to free an arm or leg and attempt a come back.


Tiffany Dawn was the first to enter the ring with a bowl of chilled peppermint cream and commandingly forestall the commencement of the match- dramatically stripping and covering her body.  First, her neck down over the fine line of collarbone and curves of her breasts, over her shoulders and, down through her arm pits and rips.  She bent to fill her hands again and spread the thick white layer over her stomach.  The crowd roared as she flinched while fingering her naval and then trailing her glistening fingers down between her thighs, down the backs of her calves.  She slowly sat, and slid them between each toe, trying not to shiver.  The closest fans say they could smell the peppermint and history in the making.  When she finished she rose straight up and turned slowly for all to see.  The lights of the arena swam over her smooth, dark and shining skin.  Completely fearless- if she lost, it would be an arrogant stunt.  If she won, – an newborn legend.


Her opponent that day was an wicked, ruthless girl.  A crazed, pale skinned,  red head named Annabelle Lucy- known to her fan’s as Hell’s Belle.  As she watched Tiffany’s entrance, her now wrestling overconfidence and bewildered terror twitched back and forth across her pressed lips and frozen blue eyes.  She bolted! and if your eyes and not yet left Tiffany’s body, you would have only seen a flash that slammed it to the floor.  Bringing her shoulders smashing down, her legs thrown up in the air like a rag doll, Annabelle laid across Tiffany’s chest with all her weight pressed upon her wrists far over her head.  Ten seconds later, pinned.  Ten and half seconds later, legs spread and pinned.  A shadow on the sidelines tossed Annabelle a dark blue vibrator.  Sliding it slowly up, down and under Tiffany’s clit, her smile grew desperate.  Tiffany’s body and moan tensed together as the sound eclipsed the hum from between her thighs, and moment later drowned out the roar of crowd, crescendoing into the long held note of overwhelming ecstasy.  Annabelle’s hands spidered up the long soles of her feet, up her calves, behind her knees between her thighs to the vibrator and slipped it in deeper.  Her fingers scattered across her hips and rips, tickling furiously at her tight stomach and skewering into her bellybutton.



At that moment, the crowd all heard-the tone of Tiffany’s shriek strengthened like a war cry.  She could not afford to be full pinned a second time.  As Annabelle feverishly raked a hand up her ribs to her breasts, still impaling her naval, Tiffany fought to keep her count of the seconds remaining on her wrist cuffs, preparing to fake her initial climax three seconds before her release in hopes she might tempt Annabelle to stay focused on her breasts and neglect to yield a tickling hand to maintain the pin another ten seconds.  As the fiery red hair fell around her breasts, the tight lips closed around Tiffany’s left nipple, their tongue beginning to circle quickly.  The pale left hand moved above the brown wrists preparing to shift weight.  The right pale hand descended to pump the dark blue cock deeper and faster into its captive.  The lips attacked the second nipple.  Tiffany was wet and reaching the end.  For what seemed like the thousandth and first time, every time, she remembered why she loved to be pushed to the sexual limit, and fight it- because- it felt like no other freedom.  Whenever she was pinned, helpless- she knew surrender was inevitable.  The surging waves of  crackling electricity racing through her skin.  Her toes curling back, abs, butt, and thighs swollen tight, her box trembling- It was a step by step process to complete release from all worldly stress.



She looked up into the mad blue eyes beaming and the red hair falling down around her tense trembling body.  The expression in Tiffany’s gaze, when it caught Annabelle’s, completely shattered her focus.  It almost looked like…gratitude.  She wasn’t resisting.  She was almost, welcoming the defeat.  Annabelle was stalled, her hands faltered.  Tiffany felt the storm’s swelling from her chest down through her belly to her burning clit subside for a split second, and by the split’s end she was free.


She channeled all her body’s stimulation into her wrists and pulled them away from each other, making Annabelle lose her supporting arm’s balance and fall atop Tiffany.  Her arms shooting behind Annabelle’s neck, Tiffany held her fast, pulling her face down to smother between her breasts, and clenching her body’s every muscle from neck to toe to hold back the tidal wave surging down to her clit.  Annabelle’s right hand pumped the vibrator faster as her left frantically pressed over Tiffany’s face and neck, choking her and loosening her grip.  She would have to give up on finishing her off if she wanted to keep her pinned.  She tried to swing her legs over Tiffany’s body to mount her, but Tiffany’s hold prevailed.  Her dark brown lips smiled as she counted to herself, 3…2…1.  Her anklets released.  She drew up her knees and launched off of her feet twisting her body to the side as Anna belle fell to the mat.  The crowd roared as the two golden arms snaked around the pale body from behind, pulling her shoulders in an arch, up from the mat and down again so quickly that few could describe exactly what she had done.  She’d managed to wrench Anabelle’s arms behind each of her knees, leaving the shrieking red haired banshee’s head neatly in her lap.  Anabelle’s legs, bending back at the knee alongside her body, were trapped against the floor under the weight of Tiffany’s body on her shoulders.  As if in a yoga asana, she lay flat with her ankles folded back against her hips, her arms out like a scarecrow pinned in Tiffany’s legs, still smooth from her lotion, but not budging an inch, and her head in Tiffany’s lap, forced to look up into the smiling face of her captor.  The vibrator, suddenly in Tiffany’s hand, gave Anabelle the feeling she’d just lost her queen in this chess game.  Sinking it deep inside, Tiffany whistled to her corner.  A ready fan carefully slid the bowl of cream across the mat for Tiffany to dip her finger tips in dig in her nails into Ana’s armpits.  All the souls of hell seemed to scream from Anabelle’s mouth as she fought against the crippling sensations, her body burning hot and her heart racing.  The long nail making her brain melt they tickled furiously.  Tiffany’s warm, confident smile curled wickedly.  She tickled down Ana’s ribs and around her breatsts, pinching and scratching over her nipples.  She watched Ana’s abs and quads tighten against the hum of the vibrator and she knew she was almost there.  Anabelle never begged, only screamed murderous threats between laughter and gasping breaths.  As Tiffany’s fingers moved back to her armpits, her screams shortened in lengh, doubling in speed and frequency- Tiffany’s tickling faster and faster. Anabelle’s cries louder and higher-her body trembled violently, flushed pink and pouring sweat.  Her hips bucked, her scream deafened the room. She convulsed in ecstasy, her hands clenching at the air.  Her eyes closed behind the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Tiffany unlocked her legs and stood up, and Ana curled in a ball, still trembling.