When someone begs you to stop tickling, you say…

When someone begs you to stop tickling, you say...

What a cruel girlfriend. She’s definitely a keeper.

Don’t know who the original artist is, but I hope he/she keeps it up.


New Original Story


She leaned over him, pressing, smoothing her palms deep into his back and shoulders.  When his breathing was almost silent, her hands took his body softly and turned him over for his eyes to meet hers.  Both pairs brown.  Hers slightly darker.  She lifted his arms above his head and slid his wrists into their welcome restraints.  He watched her hands returning to and from the dish of what he liked to call liquid cocaine, back to his body. Her dripping fingernails slipped and dragged down his neck, chest, and abs, smoothing and spiraling the cool white cream across his skin.  The smell of the jasmine and and the coolness of the moisture melted his brain and set his every nerve end to high alert.  Her hands’ sharp nails circled and traced around his nipples and navel down to his throbbing second brain.  Her slick fingers clutched its tip and squeezed down, one after another, milking him up into a speeding one way tunnel.  His heart raced as his back and neck arched against his locked arms. Her hands parted as her hips rose up off his legs and slid down on top of him, rising and falling as her hands disappeared behind her back to his exposed balls.  His gaze returned to her eyes and as usual was quickly pulled down by the sparkling of the tiny ruby flashing from her navel.  Instantly her hands flashed back and viciously attacked him, scattering her nails around his chest and abs, down his arms and ribs.  His jaw locked and his teeth grit between his restraining smile. 

She began her teasing, come on, just laugh, make it easy on yourself, you know you love it, I know you do, just laugh, stop holding out on me or I”ll start being mean, she thrusted back and forth with her hips, and tickled him harder and faster.  His face tightened against the surmounting energy inside him.  Her hands were breaking his resolve, they were beating him.  He felt them clawing down and around his pelvic bones,  scuttling down between his thighs and closing in between his balls.  The cool tingling jasmine sinking in all over his back, chest, and abs began intensifying, making his head swim and he began to come in loving anguish.  Instantly she leapt from her perch and pumped him furiously with her right hand- prolonging his orgasm twenty, thirty, forty seconds as she continued with her left to tickle his most defenseless, precious resources until they were long drained- his cock still throbbing in awe of the over-stimulation.

She loved the power she had over his body-to take it back and forth between complete peace and writhing rapture…and her greatest pleasure was knowing also how much he loved and needed her to wield that power-to exploit his weaknesses with mercy and push his body to new limits.  This surrender was the joy of his life.  

They were never out of each other’s arms for long-every day began and ended in new colorful combinations of massaging, tickling, violent fucking, clenching, holding each other still, caressing, always caressing-their skin’s hunger for each other’s was insatiable.  Looking down at him, she knew at this moment he was putty in her hands and would refuse her nothing-and that she would most likely wake in the morning to the feel of his strong hands holding her fast and his shaft stiffening against her- that his tongue alone would remind her she belonged to him, and that as he thrusting drew her in and she started to moan he would grab her waist, squeeze tightly, and as she came he would dig his finger deep into her bellybutton and continue thrusting against her thighs, and she would shriek and cry his name and cum again and again.  And after, she would velcro her body to his and he would hold her and they would whisper their idle threats of payback.

Loving their routine more each day, she watched him now after her victory, watched his muscles slowly disengage as his chest deflated and he slowly recovered from the surrender.  His arms still tied above his head, she laid down upon his chest and dragged her nails an inch a second slowly down and up his arms and ribs, back an forth, listening to his heart beat and his breath draw in deeper with each pass of her nails slowing and softening.  Soon enough his hands found thier way out of the restraints and enveloped her slender body like a tight blanket.  She lay with her eyes closed as his chest rose and fell.