Teaser from upcoming series :)

There was just nothing better: a beautiful, sculpted female body stretched out, arms up over her head, trails of light flashing across her breasts and belly, still sleek with lotion streamed all down her body and legs, thighs rubbing against each other, feet darting out over the sheets and toes curling up in defense.  Her eyes shut tight and her smile biting back the laughter of her surrender.  The scent on her skin rising, strands of her hair falling across her ecstatic face.  She’d scream and thrash, moan and threaten, then let her body go and she would gasp, and breathe deeply back to sanity

And then the revenge: the fierce, righteous explosion seizing back control and power like the goddess she would make you beg unto.  Looking up her naked body, meeting her eyes locking so intently into yours.  Hearing her words, as if in slow motion.

“Now, I’m going to tickle you… and I won’t stop…for a very…long…time.”

Her thin, pretty fingers and pale pink nails caressing, clawing, and scurrying over your chest and pinching your nipples, up and down your ribs and around your hip bones.  Your body writhing and your head spinning from the surging electricity racing through your nerves and brain.  And then she really breaks you, drenching your feet in her body cream and sliding each tiny finger of her claw between your toes, up and down your arches.  Your thrash away from her until she sits on your knees, completing her pin and keeping her promise to not stop for a very long time.  Laughing wickedly, and feigning sincerity, saying,

“ Sorry Baby, guess you just keeping forgetting how much more ticklish you are than me and need to be reminded again” and she digs her nails under your toes.  “Go ahead say it, let me know when it’s clear in your head again.”

You resist, until her hands are spreading lotion over your hip bones and up your shaft, one fist squeezing over your tip and the other stabbing into your navel, and you cry out, goddamit!  She stops stroking you and sends both hands clawing under your arms.

“Come on honey, it’s ok, just admit you’re more ticklish than me, and maybe if you weren’t then things would be different, but you are in fact far more ticklish than me, and because you’re so, soo, soooo,” she starts stroking and pumping your cock, “soooooo incredibly ticklish- you have no chance against me…that makes you my BITCH doesn’t it!”

She squeezes your cock and then abandons it, attacking you with both hands and laughing wickedly.  You’re desperate for release, you flex against her fingers, sliding and tickling maddeningly from your navel down between your legs, circling all around your shaft as you writhe and twist against her.

“Say it and I’ll finish you off! just say it baby, I hate to put you through this, but I guarantee you I am not going to stop tickling you until I hear you admit defeat and unconditional surrender.  No? More?  Sure, here have some more lotion too.”

And you pass off a few offers of “that’s enough! no more!” but she tickles you and tickles you- feet, stomach, chest, legs, laughing and teasing your cock until it aches and you feel you’re going to faint.  You can’t take it anymore, you take one more look at the gorgeous little body leaning over you and the thin, pretty fingers splintering your resolve with each tiny, precise movement.  She’s got you right where she wants you, and god how you love her for it.  You shut your eyes, throw your head back and confess your love in your surrender. “You win!  Enough God! You win, you win!  I give up!”  And just like she promised, she lifts herself onto you, and pumps herself up and down not more than a dozen times before you explode.  But then, sees you cumming, and leaps off and instead pumps the tip of your cock furiously with her moist fingers, recharging and prolonging your orgasm, as your buck and thrash another twenty seconds, and then fall back to the sheets heavy and breathless.

There was just nothing better.



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